International Accreditation Organization Awards Full Accreditation to Fortune Flyers Aviation Academy

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As the name implies, International Accreditation Organization is an accreditation body that aims to ensure high quality of education around the globe without any discrimination. We believe that any institute, regardless of its location or educational category, must be recognized for providing high quality of education. In doing so, we have devised an effective three part process that allows us to evaluate an institute’s teaching standards, faculty members, overall institute’s environment and the like.

In this regard, we are please to announce that Fortune Flyers Aviation Academy was successful in clearing all phases of our process and has acquired International Accreditation Organization’s Full Accreditation. In doing so, they can now start using our official seal and certification on their marketing and branding collateral to exhibit the international standards of education that they hold.

About Fortune Flyers Aviation Academy

Fortune Flyers Aviation Academy aims to bring a revolution in the aviation education field by offering traditional aviation courses with a twist; by offering practical experience. By combining the both, the institute has been able to offer effective flying courses to its students. In addition, this form of education makes it much more exciting for students to go through the training.

About International Accreditation Organization’s Accreditation Process:

International Accreditation Organization is a world renowned accreditation body working towards ensuring quality education provision to students. We have accredited more than 5,000 institutes worldwide to date. In doing so, we are creating an environment of education where institutes are being monitored and rewarded for providing quality education, regardless of their location.


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