International Accreditation Organization grants candidacy status to Xtreem Multimedia Technical Services PVT LTD

by Robin Smith
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International Accreditation Organization is proud to award the status of candidacy to Xtreem Multimedia Technical Services PVT LTD. The Institute is recognized by IAO as it has complied with all the requirements meeting international standards and candidacy criteria.

From the start, Xtreem has been providing expert services to the creative training needs of the state. Xtreem has developed a performance platform which is accompanied by dedicated consulting, advisory, sales and training services. Xtreem is growing swiftly due to their success in improving customer’s satisfaction and maintaining their business values and relationships.

In addition to that, Xtreem stands above the competition by virtue of its staff. They provide exceptional creative solutions, implementation, execution and training services. Their services include:


  • Consultancy
  • Training
  • Medical Transcription
  • Animation
  • Management Training

With its experience in the training area, Xtreem offers consultancy in the field of animation education, production, VFX, post-production, hospitality, aviation etc. Presence across the state through affiliate centers, and also providing medical transcription services to hospitals which becomes a primary source of documentation to support billing charges. A state of the art studio and with some world-class artists, they were able to deliver some quality animation, graphics and web-based works for various clients.


International Accreditation is pleased to grant the status of candidacy to Xtreem Multimedia Technical Services PVT LTD. IAO took this step on the basis of their quality training and services. We look forward to granting the institute the status of full accreditation in the near future with an international recognition in the global community.

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