International Accreditation Organization grants full accreditation status to Amal International Peace Training Center

by Robin Smith
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International Accreditation Organization, IAO, is a globally renowned body for standardizing education and practical training. In doing so, IAO accredits universities, colleges, schools and institutes to ensure they are providing international standard education and practical learning.

Today, we are pleased to announce that Amal International Peace Training Center has successfully passed our institute accreditation process and now has full accreditation status.

About Amal International Peace Training Center


Amal International Peace Training Center is focused on spreading the message of peace and tolerance among all races, people and religions. Their mission is to eliminate terrorism, extremism, and racial discrimination. In doing so, they also empower young people through meaningful and targeted sessions to spread the message of peace. In addition, the center also focuses on empowering women from different walks of life.

How Does an Institute Get Accredited with International Accreditation Organization?

International Accreditation Organization is a global accreditation institute, focused on ensuring quality education as per international standards via institutes, colleges and universities. We have a simple 3-step accreditation process:

  1. Sign up the initial form at for your application to be approved by our commission members.
  2. Once approved,  you will be asked to provide an appointment date for visit inspection
  3. After the inspection is successfully completed, you get IAO’s full accreditation.
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