International Accreditation Organization has Granted Candidacy Status to Energco

by Robin Smith
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Candidacy status is granted to Energco by IAO for providing professional training, consultation and installation services for projects related to electrical and renewable energy.

ENERGCO-LOGOEnergco is a leading company in electrical energy sector. It mainly focuses on the resources that have the hugest impact in energy security as Photo-voltaic and Wind. Energco provides professional consultation in renewable energy integration sector; services include but not limited to: feasibility study for Photo-voltaic and wind power plants, equipped the power systems and renewable energy laboratories, set policies for integrating renewable energy in conventional electrical grids, and suggest the recent research trend in renewable energy for research centers.consultations-700x700The workers and employees at Energco participate in ethics training as part of their best practices program, and each employee is provided with a skill set that helps them make the best decisions. The organization is to introduce Renewable Energy Diploma very soon under which individuals will be trained with skills and ability to analyze current and future renewable energy engineering problems. The course is designed to give an insight in to the world of renewable energy technologies getting a chance to investigate all aspects of renewable energy.

IAO warmly welcomes Energco as a promising member, who work to train and educate individuals in electrical and renewable energy security. By granting the status of Candidacy, IAO has assured that the academics taught at Energco meet the international education standards. We positively look forward to award it once again, with full accreditation after completing the evaluation visit. We also assure to be providing continuous improvements in future whenever Energco is in need.

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