International Accreditation Organization Visits Oral Care for Evaluation

by Robin Smith
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International Accreditation Organization, IAO, is an organization with the aim to ensure educational institutes and businesses around the globe follow a set protocol of providing quality services. In doing so, IAO has implemented a unique and highly effective Points Profile System to accredit institutes based on a number of factors including but not limited to facilities being offered, equipment, education and experience of faculty members, curriculum being offered to students or services being offered to consumers, and the like.

In this regard, when an institute approaches IAO for accreditation, they go through the following process:

Step # 1: Registration & Initial Evaluation by Our Highly Commission Members from all around the globe.

Step # 2: Visit Inspection by Our Global Chapter Members during which an Institute is evaluated on our Points Profile System

Step # 3: Final Review by Our Commission Members before Awarding Full Accreditation

Oral Care Reaches Phase 2 of Our Process:

We are glad to announce that Oral Care, based in India, has successfully passed Phase # 1 (Initial Review) and has completed Phase # 2 (Visit Inspection) of our process. Their profile is currently under review by our commission members. If & when approved, they will acquire IAO’s full accreditation seal and certification.

About Oral Care:

Oral Care is an institute offering oral health awareness and dental care services. Their mission is to provide high quality oral health guidance and dental care in hygienic and comfortable settings. They have a faculty of experienced and qualified dental professionals and state of the art equipment to provide high quality services to students and patients alike.

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