IAO Awards Candidacy Status to IPF Skill Gate Institute

by Robin Smith
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Candidacy Status has been granted to IPF Skill Gate Institute, India. The candidacy status signifies that the IPF Skill Gate Institute is dedicated to ensuring high quality education and training.


IPF Skill Gate Institute dates back to its inception since 1968 and is one of the Asia’s most popular training institutions. The institution provides AC Mechanic Training, Refrigeration Training, Computer Hardware Training and Mobile Servicing. They possess eminent professionals who provide students with the best coaching. The institute sticks on to deadlines and deliver prompt services to them. IPF Skill Gate has latest technologies and modern equipment that offers practicals, training and life time support to the students. The institute believes in developing people with technical Skills and moral qualities, enabling them to stand on their own feet, upholding their self- dignity and mutual respect; thereby improving their quality of life.

The candidacy status was awarded after an intensive and rigorous accreditation process that includes filling the application form and submitting validation documents. It ensures that the institution follows industry’s highest standards in education.

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