Kingston International Limited Granted Full Accreditation by IAO

by Robin Smith
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ingston International Limited awarded with full accreditation for their commitment towards providing educational and corporate training to their workforce by IAO.


Kingston International Limited is a knitted training provider that has years of experience in the training sector. The training material is build and processed based on a customized strategy of every company and industry they deal with. All the trainees including the companies and industries Kingston deal with, are left with a mark of perfection. Their industrial training forte is inclusive of a various sectors that drive the mechanics of the economy.


Kingston provides ad-hoc training as the need for establishing and initiating businesses is growing. Ad-hoc trainings are provided with a pool of healthy knowledge which become an essential investment for the success of companies. Organizations are provided with training at their inception.  Based on the training required, yet another assignment that implies its vitality is finding a suitable preparing faculty and institutes who are overflowed with information as well as skills required in the areas of experience in hand.

IAO’s evaluation commission found Kingston International’s approach as per the IAO’s accreditation standards.  IAO wishes every individual associated with Kingston International Limited a very best of luck. IAO ensures to provide guidance for further improvement in educational standards and also better educational opportunities.



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