National Accreditation

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National accreditation with IAO makes quality assurance its top priority. The International Accreditation Organization (IAO) is an independent, non-profit quality assurance body that provides third-party evaluation of management systems and services across multiple industries. With over 1,000 member organizations in over 100 countries, IAO strives to improve the quality of management systems worldwide by providing a framework for evaluating those systems and helping organizations improve them. IAO is one of these members. We are committed to upholding high standards for all institutions seeking our recognition, assuring their stakeholders that they have met the rigorous standards we have set out for them.

IAO’s goal is to provide international recognition and acceptance for the systems it evaluates. It does so by assessing the quality of an organization’s management system against an internationally-agreed set of requirements. They are recognized as best practices in many industries. An organization that meets these requirements will have a quality management system that meets or exceeds industry standards. IAO certification demonstrates that an organization has a solid foundation on which it can build continuous improvement efforts in order to meet customer needs and expectations.

What is National Accreditation?

National accreditation allows you to transfer credit hours from one institution to another. This is a great way to maximize the value of an education. It and can help you save money in the long run. If you’re looking for ways to save time and money, consider enrolling in a national accredited program. This means that your credits will be recognized across the country. So, you could end up skipping the first year of school entirely if your chosen degree program offers this benefit. In addition, national accreditation means that your credits won’t expire as quickly—and depending on what state you become licensed in, they might never expire!

If you’re considering transferring from one institution to another or from one degree-granting institution to another, make sure that both programs are accredited by the same agency. You’ll want to do this before applying for financial aid or taking out student loans for either school.

IAO National Accreditation

The primary role of a national accreditation body is to develop, implement, maintain and improve its own accreditation system. IAO standards and guidance will help national accreditation bodies to achieve this goal. It provides consistent and reliable standards for quality assurance systems. National accreditation system standards address all aspects of an effective education. It includes: governance; management; performance assurance; competence assurance; conformity assessment; reporting and general requirements for membership in the IAO.

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