Nehazz Academy of Beauty awarded Full Accreditation by International Accreditation Organization

by Robin Smith
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IAO, a global accreditation institute, has awarded Nehazz Academy of Beauty with full accreditation upon clearing all the former’s institute accreditation requirements.

We are pleased to announce that Nehazz Academy of Beauty has successfully cleared our thorough institute accreditation process to finally achieve IAO’s full accreditation.

About Nehazz Academy of Beauty

Nehazz Academy of Beauty is the brainchild of Mrs. Neha. From a small beauty salon I Ludhiana to three top of the line branches in the top-most localities of Ludhiana, Mrs. Neha has established her brand as the foremost beauty brand for beauty treatments and makeup in the city. At Nehazz Academy of Beauty, all sorts of beauty treatment services are offered along with makeup services for events and ceremonies such as bridal makeups, etc.

Nehazz Academy of Beauty is among the very few salons in the city offering a plethora of services for makeovers such as cleansing, moisturizing, foundation to powder, and the like. Their state of the art equipment and highly trained staff makes it possible for their customers to achieve the look they desire.

How Does an Institute Get Accredited?

International Accreditation Organization has through institute accreditation process with 3 basic stages; initial interview, site & service inspection, and finalization. Whether it is business training institute accreditation or performance training institute accreditation, IAO’s institute accreditation requirements remain the same to maintain quality of education and services globally.

How Does an Institute Get Accredited?

International Accreditation Organization is a global accreditation institute, offering accreditation services to schools, colleges, universities, and institutes. For any institute, to get IAO accreditation, the following process must be followed:

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