New Vision Training Center Presented Full Accreditation By IAO

by Robin Smith
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AO proudly awards New Vision Training Center with full accreditation in lieu of their commitment towards professional and educational growth of every individual.

New Vision Training Center provides the IT industry with professionals who are capable to compete with the global challenges in the world of Information Technology. It is one of the leading training centers in the UAE.


New Vision Training Center is committed towards supporting corporate and individual goals. New Vision Training Center emphasizes on providing educational, professional and personal growth of each and every individual. All their programs and policies have been designed to meet the needs of students and fulfill accelerated requirements of unique education. New Vision Training Center ensures that students are equipped with applied skills along with the professional and ethical perspectives that are mandatory for the success of their future.

New Vision prepare students to prove themselves in the fields of Graphic Design, Media Production, Information Technology, Networking and Business.

IAO’s evaluation commission has found New Vision’s approach as per the IAO’s accreditation standards.  IAO wishes New Vision Training Center and all the individuals associated with this institute a very best of luck. IAO promises to provide guidance for improvement in educational standards and better educational opportunities.


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