Candidacy Status Granted to NIET Education

by Robin Smith
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NIET Education, India, has become IAO’s candidate for full accreditation. The Candidacy status of IAO recognizes the high standards and level of professionalism which exists within the institute.


NIET (National Institute For Education & Training) was established as Academy of Excellence in Management / Information Technology / Hotel Management / Speaking Courses / Different Languages etc. education through the initiative and support of eminent personalities and intellectuals who have rich varied profound experience in the field of higher education. NIET works under Vijay Social & Educational Society. This educational society has played a great role in achieving its aim and goal by providing the various programs to the hundreds of students who are serving nation as teachers in Government & Private Public Schools. Every Year their students get job in different School. It is reputed and well established institute which has earned the name in providing vocational training. This society also provides training for different kinds of Job Oriented Courses. After getting the Diploma Certificate most of the candidates start their own business and earn a lot of money through their skill or joined services in reputed private, public school on good salary. NIET is also concerned with the academic aspects of school education including formulation of curriculum, preparation of textbooks, teachers’ handbooks and teacher training. It advises the Government on policy matters related to school education.


IAO’s evaluation commission was highly impressed with the institute’s sound educational practices, being forward thinking, socially sensitive & responsible and for using advance information and communication technology tools to create, preserve and disseminate knowledge. All this information was presented by the NIET in the IAO accreditation application forms and they also provided validation documents to support the facts.  The information was evaluated by the IAO’s evaluation commission and the decision to grant Candidacy Status was then taken. IAO now looks forward to grant them Full Accreditation for offering high standards of educational opportunities.

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