Petrobridge Consultants & Engineers Pvt. Ltd was Awarded the Status of Full Accreditation

by Robin Smith
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IInternational Accreditation Organization – IAO is proud to award the status of full accreditation to Petrobridge Consultants & Engineers Pvt. Ltd, for their schooling and training services, to boost the individual’s potential and enhance their knowledge.

The mission of the institute is to offer an extensive range of training courses and development programs to cover key areas in EPC, Engineering Consulting sector delivering practical knowledge by experienced professionals from industries. Through this they help to augment the quality of available technical manpower in the sector, ensuring that those who need it most. The institute endeavors to provide world-class highly specialized training to an individual to find appropriate opportunities in the world-renowned engineering organization. Moreover, their vision is to become the Global Leader in providing quality talent development training to individuals and corporates and enhance their skills to attain their dream opportunities.

Petrobridge Consultants & Engineers offer job oriented training programs for engineers and diploma holders graduating from Mechanical, Civil, Electrical and Instrumentation disciplines. They offer highly specialized training courses with an objective of preparing highly qualified engineers to groom them for the top multi-national companies. Their training programs cover the following:

  • Certificate course in Piping Engineering
  • Certificate course in Mechanical Design of Process Equipment
  • Certificate course in Structural Engineering
  • Certificate course in Instrumentation Engineering

Their training programs are designed to adhere the international standards in engineering. Furthermore, they provide excellent study material to impart in-depth subject knowledge on the theoretical aspect of the subject and is well supported by designed examples and real-time projects for developing an applied knowledge.

Considering their training strategies, and methods used in their courses; IAO is proud to grant Full Accreditation to Petrobridge Consultants & Engineers Pvt Ltd. The training center satisfies all the criteria of accreditation and is awarded the national and worldwide recognition along with the international accreditation.

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