Phase 1 of Total Quality Audit Program (TQAP) Executed – List of Institutes with Expired Accreditation Published

by Robin Smith
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IAO, is an international quality assurance organization working towards improving educational standards of institutes worldwide. To date, we have successfully accredited 1500+ education providers globally, all of which today enjoy a reputable image internationally, enhanced acceptance of their degrees and increased student enrolments.

As part of IAO’s audit policy, we have initiated our Total Quality Audit Program (TQAP) aimed at strictly re-evaluating our accredited institutes. During the audit, it came to our knowledge that certain institutes’ accreditation with IAO has expired yet they are claiming affiliation with IAO.

At IAO, we believe it is our responsibility to ensure quality education is provided around the globe, and any institute that is wrongfully using our identity to validate their claims must be reported and exposed. In doing so, we would like to inform our members, accredited institutes and the authorities that we have executed PHASE 1 of our Total Quality Audit Program. During Phase 1, we have taken the following action:

Phase 1 – Executed

  • Including an institute’s name in our non-accredited institutes list on our website
  • Showing a non-accredited institute status on the institute’s dedicated web-page
  • Responding to student inquiries with the actual status of the institute’s accreditation
  • Restricting your institute from using IAO’s accreditation seal on your digital and print mediums or using IAO’s name as your partner anywhere.

Following are the institutes that were wrongfully using our seal & name, and were therefore included in our TQAP Phase 1:

We strongly urge the above listed institutes to renew their accreditation with IAO by contacting us and scheduling your visit. Failing to do so would enlist your institution for Phase 2 of TQAP, which would include the following steps:

  1. Informing all educational bodies, ministries, embassies and relevant government / non-government entities about your non-accreditation status. Provided below is the list of authorities in your region:

A) Educational Bodies:

    1. Student Organizations
    2. Boards of Education
    3. International Schools Affiliation

B) Ministries

    1. Government Ministries

C) Embassies & Consulates:

    1. Foreign Embassies
    2. Foreign Consulates

International Accreditation Organization is a global body ensuring provision of quality education. Throughout our years in the industry, we have come across institutes that use our name and identity to authenticate their existence. In doing so, they commit fraud with their audience and students. It is our responsibility to expose such institutions so that the masses may know their actual standing in the industry.

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