Pipetech Institute of Technology was Awarded the Status of Full Accreditation

by Robin Smith
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International Accreditation Organization – IAO is proud to award the status of full accreditation to Pipetech Institute of Technology, for their schooling and training services to boost the individual’s potentials and enhance their knowledge.

Pipetech Institute of Technology (PIT) was established with a very healthy mission and innovative vision as a subsidiary of an Indian MNC – Pipetech Engineering Solution Pvt Ltd, India’s first ever of its kind as a Training provider. They took this initiative to contribute in the growth of the nation through creating well-educated engineers to the Indian global market.

Their vision is to become Leader in the Training Industry in all segments for Overall Upliftment & Empowerment of the State.

Their success is based on the rich and lively student-teacher interaction. Their faculty members are known to be highly competitive teachers, who create a fun environment while teaching, inspire practical thinking and offer a broader, universal perspective that is critical in today’s complex Engineering environment. They have more than four full-time faculty members, they are BE or M Tech. The average experience of the core faculty is over 10 years

Considering their syllabus, strategies, and methods they use in their training; IAO is proud to grant Full Accreditation to Pipetech Institute of Technology (PIT). The training center satisfies all the criteria of accreditation and is awarded the national and worldwide recognition along with the international accreditation.



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