Regional Accreditation

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Regional accreditation is a designation that indicates the quality of an institution’s educational programs. It’s awarded by regional accrediting bodies, which are private organizations that set standards for colleges and universities. The accreditation process is voluntary, and it typically involves a review of an institution’s mission, governance structure, finances, student support services, research activities, faculty resources and qualifications, as well as student achievement outcomes.

What is Regional Accreditation

Unlike national accreditation, regional accreditation does not allow students to transfer credit hours between institutions. This means that if you attend a university that is regionally accredited, you will not be able to use any credits toward your bachelor’s degree from another institution with regional accreditation. However, if you attend an institution with national accreditation, then you can use any credits from other schools with these same types of credentials toward your degree requirements. Being regionally accredited can help you get into graduate school by providing evidence that your bachelor’s degree was earned at an accredited institution.

Why is Regional Accreditation Important

Regional accreditation is important because it helps ensure that your academic program is meeting high standards. Accreditation agencies are recognized by the United States Department of Education, and they can be found throughout the country.

It is also important because it increases the value of your degree. Employers often look for degrees from regionally accredited institutions when hiring new employees. Employers believe that graduates who have earned their degree from a regionally accredited school, must have skills necessary for success. They also believe that these graduates are ready to enter the workforce without further training or additional education.

If you are planning on attending college, make sure that your school is regionally accredited. If you’re looking for a new career, earning a college degree can be an exciting time. But before you sign up for classes, it’s important to consider whether the school you choose is regionally accredited.

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