Status of Candidacy Granted To Caribbean International University by IAO

by Robin Smith
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Caribbean International University is granted the status of Candidacy by IAO.


CIU – Caribbean International University was established on December 7, 2001. Since its inception CIU adopted the most advanced international educational principles of UNESCO and especially those recommended in the report of the International Commission on the education. The university was established with a vision and mission to contribute to the community and participate in the expansion of higher education in the emerging developing nations of the Caribbean Sea.

Caribbean International University sees its presence as the opportunity to play a role of forming useful, professional and capable resources for the development of societies nationally and internationally. The University is progressively building academic and administrative units related to research and extension functions as institutional development advances. The university offers a large range of academic courses, regular and online, for the alumni. The university founded their first football team in the year 2005 and gradually diverted in three different teams.IAO gladly grants CIU the candidacy status for their services to expand higher education in the Caribbean and across the global. IAO also looks forward to grant the university full accreditation in the near future with an assurance to global recognition and several other benefits.

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