Status of Full Accreditation Granted to Signature Hair & Beauty Center

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IAO is proud to award the status of Full Accreditation to Signature Hair & Beauty Center. Being accepted as IAO’s accredited member means that the institute fulfils all international standards of teaching and learning as set by global higher educational standards.

Signature Beauty Academy was established in early 2017, with one centralized goal that is to produce the most skilled therapists in the beauty industry. The founder of the institute, Laxmi Kapoor collaborated her hands with the successful businessmen Mr. Satinder Preet Singh to make this institute a successful one. The institute is the fastest growing educational training institute offering a wide range of cosmetology programs and workshops.

The institute’s mission is to produce professionally trained and knowledge equipped make-up artists, beauticians and hair stylists who possess the skills and self-confidence to participate successfully in the high standards of the beauty industry. Signature Hair & Beauty Center is striving to be the best make-up, beautician and hair stylist institute in Asia, as well as trendsetters in the beauty and fashion industry in terms of creativity, professionalism and quality.
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The institute has different schools of Make-up that endeavors to achieve its mission and vision by developing organizational values in their staff. These values reflect organizational norms and guidelines which will be articulated and expressed by staff in their day to day words and actions. They offer multiple courses of Aesthetics & Skin, Hair, Make up, Nails and Spa Therapies. Moreover, they offer workshops for their courses to enhance the practical learning of the individuals.

IAO is proud to grant Signature Hair & Beauty Center the status of full accreditation as the institute fulfills the accreditation criteria of IAO and is awarded a national and international recognition. Upon receiving accreditation the institute receives a lot of benefits and a lifelong improvement of educational standards of the institute.



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