Full Accreditation Granted to Sultan Qaboos University Hospital (SQUH)

by Robin Smith
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Sultan Qaboos University Hospital squh02(SQUH), Oman’s leading medical center hasbeen granted IAO’s full accreditation. The decision to grant IAO’s full accreditation was taken by the IAO’s evaluation commission who were fully satisfied with the center’s teaching, research and health care facilities and benefits as submitted in the accreditation application form.  Upon receiving the IAO’s full accreditation the SQUH will also receive its final Points Profile Score and a full accreditation certificate and seal.

Sultan Qaboos University Hospital in collaboration with the College of Medicine and Health Sciences, College of Nursing and other health institutions is committed to provide teaching, research and patient-centered care in an environment that supports continuous improvements. Sultan Qaboos University Hospital is committed to provide compassionate, ethical, and accessible general and specialized tertiary care to the community with integrity, commitment and respect towards patients and their families.
Furthermore, they seek excellence through continual improvement in teaching, research, patient services and staff development. This is supported by effective process delivery and efficient resource utilization. The objectives of SQUH are:

  • Provide effective teaching for undergraduate, post graduate medical, nursing and allied health students.
  • Enhance continuous development in research and innovations.
  • Increase efficient utilization of the hospital resources.
  • Improve provision of high quality patient-centered healthcare.
  • Support continuous education and training opportunities for the development of all hospital staff.


Full accreditation by IAO will not only help the Sultan Qaboos University Hospital to stand out among other health care centers but will also raise its popularity and profile internationally. Not only this, the center will also receive useful advice on how it can improve the medical standards through IAO’s continuous improvement process.


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