University Accreditation

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University accreditation is a process of evaluation and quality assurance through which institutions of higher education are evaluated against established standards to ensure that they meet rigorous criteria.  Accreditation of universities help students, families and policymakers to identify institutions that have the greatest chance of success in providing high-quality programs.
Universities accreditation is a process of reviewing the overall quality of a university’s programs. It also reviews processes, by considering factors such as curriculum, faculty, libraries, laboratories, research and public service.  University accreditation helps you meet your educational goals in a way that best matches your particular needs, skills, and preferences. It provides assurance that a university’s internal processes are fair, transparent, and well-managed.

Why is University Accreditation Important?

University accreditation is important because it helps ensure that the institution is providing a quality education. IAO accreditation makes sure that it leads to student success. Accreditation also establishes a standard of excellence and quality across institutions of higher education in our country. It ensures students who graduate from accredited institutes have a good educational experience and are prepared for their careers after graduation–from entry-level positions to graduate programs, from first jobs to career advancement or credentialing.

IAO University Accreditation

IAO accreditation helps your university’s global standing. It demonstrates a commitment to high quality in all aspects of management, from academics and research, to teaching and professional development. IAO is your fastest and most streamlined way to achieve accreditation for your university. Accredited colleges with IAO offer students the same advantages as brick-and-mortar schools. We promise increased credibility with employers and peers. We are able to process applications quickly.  All you need to do is fill out our online application and follow the in-depth online documentation guidelines. Receive up to a full year’s worth of accreditation on a self-paced schedule. For more information, please contact us using details provided on IAO website.

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