Veracious Foundation Awarded Candidacy Status by IAO

by Robin Smith
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Candidacy status awarded to Veracious Foundation by IAO.


Veracious Foundation is a government registered and internationally accredited and certified organization. They provide unique package of childhood care, education diploma program and Montessori teacher training for aspiring pre-school teachers. The aim of the program is to develop skills and attitude of teachers that are necessary to work with children and train them to manage pre-schools and nursery schools.

Early childhood education helps stimulate environment for physical, intellectual and social development of the child. It trains children to get ready for the primary school and build foundation to develop smart skills for reading, writing and number work. These programs encourage children to participate in interaction and group activities which enhances the skills of problem solving and creativity.


Their key objectives are to train teachers for children below the age of 8 with fun-filled and interesting activities. Veracious Foundation also provides employment opportunities to women through guidance and training. Moreover, they work hard to create a stress-free society through proper counselling gatherings.

IAO was highly impressed with the services being offered at the Veracious Foundation. Their approach towards training the children at an early age helps them become confident students when they enter schools. IAO team wishes Veracious Foundation a very best of luck for their future endeavors.

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