WHIZ Juniors – Online Technology Learning Awarded with Full Accreditation by IAO

by Robin Smith
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wHIZ Juniors Online Technology Learning is granted the status of full accreditation by International Accreditation Organization (IAO) upon providing an outstanding online platform for both students and teachers to learn and practice latest technology skills that enrich pioneering and productive screen time. The decision by IAO was purely based on the evaluation of accreditation application. Being approved IAO’s full accreditation means that the Institute complies with all universal standards of learning and training as set by the agency.

WHIZ Juniors is India’s Biggest Tech Learning Platform which provide students (starting from 2nd grade to 12th grade) to learn initial and advanced technical education. Apart from students, they motivate even teachers to learn and enhance their necessary technology skills. Moreover, they tend to work for students to showcase their Technical Skills in form of Annual Tech Competitions.

The institute provides different types of courses to teachers and students depending on their backgrounds and abilities. Whiz Juniors provides an opportunity to augment the entrepreneurial and learning skills of early and young minds with fun. Their main purpose is to guide and teach the students through online videos and tutorials which will make easier for them to learn the latest technology skills.

Furthermore, Students are inclined to watch online lectures, collaborate in discussions, or carry out research at home and engage in concepts in the classroom with the guidance of a tutor. They are offered vast number of courses which are further divided into groups according to their knowledge, for example, in Group A they offer MS Paint, Code org, MS word, Cyber Safety, Typing, Basics of Computer and Screencast O Matric. These courses are for those who are the beginners and have absolutely no or very little know-how of computers. In this way, they have categorized the entire Curriculum.

WHIZ Junior’s main objective is to empower students to be safe online and be able to create effective presentations, analyze and manage data effectively, work collaboratively, Graphic Designing, Websites, Games and Mobile Apps.

IAO takes pride in awarding the Institute with full accreditation as it endeavors to provide exceptional services by educating and training young students in the fields of Technology. Moreover, we ensure to be a lifetime helping hand to the institute in the improvement of their educational standards and policies.

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