Excellence Institute for English Language is Awarded with IAO Full Accreditation Status

by Robin Smith
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IAO grants 5 years Full Accreditation to Excellence Institute for English Language, KSA.

Excellence Institute for English Language was established in the year 2001 and has successfully completed 16 years in providing English Language courses to local Saudi citizens as well foreigners that come from different parts of the world.

Untitled-3The programs offered are for:

  • People who want to prepare for IELTS, TOFEL exams.
  • People who want to learn English to communicate at their work place.
  • People who want learn English to travel other countries.
  • People who want communicate with friends in different parts of the world.
  • People who want to study overseas.
  • Students and pupils who want learn English for their schools.

These programs are to help the candidates get the most from the international syllabus and teaching environment provided at Excellence Institute for English Language.


IAO proudly welcomes the institute amongst the global educational community by providing it with 5 years of Full Accreditation after going through a unique and patented Points Profile System. A set of diverse range of benefits are also provided to the institute in which we commit to provide continuous improvement in the enhancement and development of the educational standards. Accreditation with IAO grants a regional and international recognition and can promote further by participating at IAO’s educational events and seminars. IAO will also regularly send its publications to your institute to keep you updated on educational practices you can adopt to enhance your institute’s educational standards.

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