Total Care International awarded full institute accreditation by International Accreditation Organization

by Robin Smith
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International Accreditation Organization is pleased to announce full accreditation status of Total Care International.

Being the world’s foremost global accreditation institute, IAO’s mission is to authenticate and verify the educational standards of institutes around the world. After clearing all of IAO’s institute accreditation requirements, Total Care International is now a proud member of IAO.

About Total Care International

Total Care International’s is an institute focused on promoting and developing cooperative alliances between the educational community and businesses or industries.  It is a non-profit organization mainly focused on assisting the Filipino expatriate with their programs.

Total Care International’s main programs are mostly related to the medical industry, ensuring quality medical education plus services in the KSA. It is a reputable institute with years of experience in the region and highly trained technical staff to deal with the intricacies.

How Does an Institute Get Accredited?

International Accreditation Organization has in place a stringent institute accreditation process that has 3 main steps:

  1. Any institute can visit and sign up for our experts to get in touch
  2. Institutes will then register for a visit/inspection
  3. After the inspection is successful, the institute will be awarded accreditation as per IAO’s point profile system.

What are the Institute Accreditation Requirements?

IAO”s firmly believes in promoting and flourishing quality education around the globe. In doing so, one on our major focus is to help educational institutes meet international standard regardless of their location, size and type. It doesn’t matter if you have a small computer training institute or a huge university, IAO’s institute accreditation requirements remain the same. Simply fill up our application form and our experts will get in touch for the remaining process.

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