IAO Grants Candidacy Status to Time Training Center (TTC)

by Robin Smith
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Time Training Center (TTC) has been granted the status of candidacy by International Accreditation Organization.

logoTTC is a vocational training institute in Abu Dhabi that focus on providing quality education and training programs. TTC is accredited to Abu Dhabi Center for Technical Vocational Education & Training (ACTVET) with specialization in Computer and Management Training programs. TTC was established 24 years ago by the name Aptech Computer Education but slowly and gradually it transformed into a much comprehensive and high quality Management and Computer Training Center. TTC seeks to expand its services in Abu Dhabi featuring a larger number of students with its futuristic Technology and Management programs.

TTC visions to become a leading organization that will develop and polish students in the field of Computer and Management education with flexible tailored programs at reasonable rates. TTC offers a very broad array of diverse courses in different fields of industry, among which few are mentioned below:

  • Accounting Courses
  • Management Courses
  • Designing Courses
  • Engineering and CAD Courses
  • Language Courses

UntitledTTC also facilitates the individuals with one of their Career Consultants who provide expert advice and help individuals determine which courses will help them achieve their professional goals.

IAO has granted TTC – Time Training Center, the status of Candidacy upon their professional education and training provided to students with a high school diploma, seeking to add technical and language skills to their knowledge base, and to professionals seeking to enhance their technical skills and managerial competency. We look forward to grant them full accreditation in the near future also with a continuous improvement of their educational standards.

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