IAO Grants the Status of Candidacy to Abhyudaya Training Institute

by Robin Smith
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Abhyudaya Training Institute is awarded the status of Candidacy by IAO for their expert services in providing vocational training to teachers for excellent professionalism.

Teaching is a very noble profession. The world looks up to the teachers as very respectable and holy person especially in a country like India, where teachers have a high reputation in the society. The teachers take an oath of making the students love education nor to run away from it. Teachers play a vital role in molding, developing and pruning a child’s mind, soul and character. Therefore, it’s very important for the teachers to be very professional in their work. They should be well – trained, educated and know-it-all teaching methodologies and child psychology.

16142209_1853493754923090_5886254395847309096_nAbhyudaya Training Institute works dedicatedly towards meeting the demands of the schools, parents and especially the students. They provide a diverse range of training programs for teachers who seek professionalism. Abhyudaya enables school environment by facilitating the teaching learning process, thus empowering leaders and educators for building a better future. The institute offers Pre-school training certificate program, Teacher Empowerment program, Leadership Program, Career Counselling, Student Counselling, Placement Services, Coaching Classes and Induction for teachers, parents and students.

16003153_1853503454922120_5032022158565086518_nIAO grants Abhyudaya Training Institute the Candidacy Status on being a renowned teachers’ training institute in Karnataka, India. We look forward for the institute to get full accredited with IAO so that they can continue their certification programs’ training with an international recognition and accreditation. IAO wishes all the very best to them and assure to provide every advice and guidance through our continuous improvement process for the enhancement and development of the educational standards.

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