Status of Candidacy granted to Alsaada Interactive Education Consult Training (AIECT)

by Robin Smith
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alsaada Interactive Education Consult Training has been granted the status of candidacy by IAO. The decision to grant candidacy to the institute was taken by the IAO’s evaluation commissioner who was fully satisfied with the center’s teaching and research facilities.

Alsaada Interactive Education Consult Training has been established to provide services in interactive education and research related activities. AIECT is working under the guidance and cooperation of researchers from academia and R&D institutes. The institute is regularly conducting workshops on Survey Research, Data Analysis and Interactive Education. Moreover, AIECT has a network of 1500+ PhDs working as advisors and trainers for training workshops and modules development etc.

AIECT serves in Survey Research and Data Analysis – Trainings and Consultancy, Interactive Education Teacher’s Training, Interactive Lectures – Materials & Methods, Games Based Learning Modules (Math & Science Subjects), Reading Skills Workshops, Writing Skills Workshops, Reading Competition and Debating Competition.

Alsaada interactive book reading is a new initiative took by AIECT for developing reading skills in the students and community. In this current competitive world, the students and community at large are utilizing internet through computers, laptops, mobiles and tablets etc. AIECT is looking to covert these technological gears for the learning purpose and imparting knowledge through skills building and reading competition or rewards.

Candidacy status is a testimony that Alsaada Interactive Education Consult Training aims to promote individuals spiritual, moral, social and cultural development and prepare them for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of life. It is aimed to equip them with the essential learning skills, promote an enquiring mind and capacity to think rationally and develop their confidence in their capacity to learn and work independently and collaboratively with the changing needs of the community.

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