IAO Grants Candidacy Status to Copal Institute

by Robin Smith
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CCopal Institute, nurturing professioncii01als in banking and finance in India, has been granted candidacy status by the IAO.

Copal Institute is the training arm of Copal Amba; one of the world’s largest financial services outsourcing company. Copal Amba, with a 2,700 strong workforce globally, works with some of the world’s leading sell and buy-side firms across investment banking, investment research, and private equity. Copal Institute, India, leverages this expertise while developing and deploying its courses. It focuses on developing marketable skills that are relevant to employers. It offers Certificate in Financial Research, which exposes students to the basics of financial research and investment banking. Not only this, it also provides a number of online finance courses as well. The trainings are offered in multiple formats; Instructor-led as well as Web-based learning. These courses are ideal for candidates, who wish to switch careers or add to their knowledge of the financial services industry.The Institute seeks to bridge the gap between job market requirements and available trained workforce by imparting skill-based training to enhance domain-specific knowledge. This equips job aspirants with the necessary skills to get placed as well as succeed at their workplaces. Copal Institute has trained over 1,000 students and professionals on diverse topics such as Equity Valuation, Financial Modeling, LBO Modeling, Advanced Derivatives, Technical Analysis, Fundamental Analysis, Credit Risk Analysis, and Structured Finance, along with special batches for CFA-US preparatory classes.Copal Institute leverages the extensive and structured training curriculum of Copal Amba that is modeled on Wall Street Analyst/ Associate programs, through which it has also designed and delivered a comprehensive training program for a bulge bracket European investment bank.The curriculum has been developed in consultation with industry veterans across the globe and the senior management team of Copal Amba, with over a decade of experience in the financial industry.The programs offered here provide an edge over conventional finance programs, which lack analytical rigor. Copal Institute’s flagship program, ‘Certificate in Financial Research’ paves the way for careers in Investment Banking, Equity Research, Private Equity, and Credit Research.The trainings are facilitated by highly skilled faculty members with extensive industry experience.


IAO is pleased to have Copal Institute on board as a member of global educational community because of its aim of establishing a center of excellence in the field of financial advisory and research. The Institute aims to train aspirants seeking a successful career in the Financial Research Industry, with the appropriate skill sets.

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