IAO Grants Candidacy to Supporters of the Law Organization Judicial & Legal Training

by Robin Smith
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IAO grants the status of candidacy to Supporters of the Law Organization Judicial & Legal Training, on providing exceptional legal services and studies.654The institute was established in 2016, not meant to make profits but to provide legal studies relating to violations of international laws and human rights. The institute aims to build legal capacity through development of specialized training and holds a wide range of training courses and programs. The institute also looks forward to provide seminars and courses to judges, public prosecutors, lawyers, members of the judicial police and judicial experts.

The courses provided by the institute focus to prepare the rehabilitation of these beneficiaries, in order to cope with the global development of the developed countries in this field. Also, to equip them adequately to face all needs and requirements of the legal duty. The services offered by the institute in judicial training and legal studies are:

  • Legal Training Programs
  • Court Approved Legal Studies
  • To provide a strategy to develop the Legal Sector Plans
  • The Establishment of a Specialized Library in Legal Sciences

lawyer4IAO grants the candidacy status to Supporters of the Law Organization Judicial & Legal Training as the institute works to provide legal studies and training courses on regional level in order to protect the dissemination of the principles of justice and promote the protection of human rights of the individuals. We look forward to provide full accreditation to the Institute, with which the institute can continue to provide the services on international level.

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