International Accreditation Organization Grants Candidacy Status to Entecom – Enhancing Technical Competence

by Robin Smith
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The candidacy status is granted by IAO to Entecom for providing training programs that are designed and customized to make ones business more robust, efficient and effective.

Entecom was established by Janice Giddy in the year 2004, November. The purpose to establish the organization was to serve the Food & Beverage Industry as a provider of technical training courses and consulting. It started in Africa and gradually has spread in countries: East London, Western Cape, Gauteng West, Tshwane, Limpopo, Mpumalanga & KZN.Entecom is an accredited non-profit organization. It provides accredited skills programs as well as NQF-aligned workshops, focusing on Food Safety and HACCP. Entecom visions to become a Go-To food safety training and consulting company, raising the standards of the Food Chain business by bringing in innovative, practical and creative ideas and solutions that create value for customers, partners and the company itself. Entecom works for the safety of the humans as well as the animals. The founders of Entecom think that likewise humans, animals too have the rights to eat safe and healthy food. Moreover, it offers accredited training in the fields of both Financial Management and Business Management. The training can be conducted as workshops which are of shorter duration but covering essentially the same content. Entecom can also offer in house training for Companies that have 10 or more delegates at a time.

food-saftey-training-south-africa5IAO looks forward to provide full accreditation to Entecom in the near future and currently awards it with the status of candidacy upon the validation of the services Entecom provides in training professionals for Food Safety, Business and Financial skills, Auditing and Consultancy in set up and maintenance of small businesses. We appreciate the thought that led to the foundations of Entecom and has taken a step towards improving the health conditions of both humans and animals in Africa.

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